Q: What brands of TV’s do you recommend?

A: Panasonic, LG,  Sony &  Sharp  all make great televisions. Some brands are better in certain areas than other brands. For example, Panasonic makes the best plasma (PDP) TV right now. LG and Sony however make great LCD/LED TV’s. These questions can be better answered by knowing what type of room your new TV is going in. Plasma TV’s are usually better in darker rooms as you don’t have to worry about the glare from the front of the screen as much compared to an LED/LCD. If the new TV is going in a room with a lot of light or has many windows, LCD/LED might be a better choice.                                       Beware  of tv’s that say “MADE IN CHINA” on the box


Q: Do you recommend purchasing extended warranties on electronics?

A: As most consumers can tell, the overall cost of electronics has declined over the last 5 years substantially. This is mainly due to 2 factors. The parts installed in today’s televisions are cheaper than ever and most manufactures are producing these units in countries such as Asia and China where the labor is also very cheap. Without a doubt, we advise all of our customers to purchase an extended warranty on almost every piece of electronics they purchase, especially if they plan on keeping the unit for 3+ years.


Q: Where do you suggest I go to purchase my next television?

A: Different retailers offer distinct options when selling TV’s and extended warranty plans. Some retailors will offer free pickup and delivery or free hall away of your old appliance which can be a nice perk considering electronic devices; especially televisions should never be thrown away. Newly enacted laws passed down from the EPA can fine consumers found to be improperly disposing of their old televisions that have mercury based florescent lamps in them. Rule of thumb is if you trust a particular company and have had positive experiences with them in the past, stick with them. We have always found that retailors who want to keep repeat business will attempt to treat their customers with respect and honesty.


Q: How much does the average television repair cost today?

A: This will depend mainly on the type of TV you have and the particular problem the unit is experiencing. We try and repair TV’s today at what’s called the component level. This means we try and replace the defective components on the board rather than simply swapping out at entire main board or power supply unit which can sometimes be cost prohibitive. If you would like, call us at 303-722-3333 and speak to an associate about possibly receiving a ballpark figure on the approximate repair cost to see if we even think the unit can be repaired economically or not.

Q: How long will it take to repair my TV?

A: We have more than $2,000,000 worth of parts inventory which is greater than any other repair company in the Colorado. We are able to stock the majority of parts for most units in our inventory which is great for our customers because it greatly reduces the amount of time you are without your TV. Should we need to order a part for your repair, assuming it is in stock with the particular vendor, you can expect to have it back and running in 3-4 days.


Q: Do you provide any warranty on your repairs?

A: We offer a 90 day parts warranty and 30 days on any labor we perform either in our shop or in your home. We also offer a 6 month warranty on any DLP/LCD projector lamp sold out of our inventory.


Q: Do you sell DLP/LCD lamps?

A: Yes, we offer a full line of DLP/LCD lamp replacements for televisions such as Samsung, Mitsubishi, Sony, LG, Hitachi, Sharp, JVC, and Toshiba. The majority of our lamps sell for $99 plus tax. You can also call us to verify the lamp stock before you come in. Also, please bring in your old lamp cartridge so we can test your old lamp before we replace it to ensure the lamp is actually needed.


Q: My TV is dead, is it possible the switch is bad?

A: More than likely no. If a customer calls in with this problem, we will always ask if they have unplugged the TV for 5 minutes to perform what’s called a hard reset on it. This can sometimes fix the problem, if not, the more probably cause is an electrical component has failed and will need to be replaced.


If a question has not been answered here, please feel free to use the shop email button under the “Contact Us” tab on our website and someone from our office will return your email as soon as possible.