Watching TV Almost Everywhere

We are breaking the confines of traditional television viewing and heading full steam into the era of mobile video. While a lot people still like the concept of lounging on the couch at home to channel surf, there are people with time demands that do not allow them the luxury. They still want to catch their favorite shows but cannot manage to squeeze in the dedicated time of traditional TV set watching. Thankfully, content providers and producers have been experimenting with ways to deliver media to whatever screen we can afford the time to watch. This means that instead of recording or watching on demand, people can tune in from wherever, whenever is required to see the show. This is vital for advertising to a true and captive audience in real time. Downloading shows or recording on DVR allowed many viewers to skip over commercials or enjoy their shows without them completely.

Over the last ten years mobility has emerged as one of the primary focuses of nearly every business that even has a tangential relationship with technology. The devices that originally allowed us to jam out to our favorite tunes eventually became the units that carried videos to watch, then shoot them and share them with our own audiences. As smart phones have gotten larger and more capable we have also seen the emergence of tablets. All these screens are in pockets or purses and they have at least one set of eyes glued to them on a regular basis. Content producers, providers as well as the sponsors and advertisers are looking for every opportunity to monetize and maximize their reach.

Cable and satellite programming providers have jumped at these new small screens because it offers a new route for distributing timely content. DirecTV has more than 19 million subscribers locked into their system. As with all extended TV options Cable and DirecTV offer deals that fit almost any budget. Their customers are buying into a variety of tiered content access and delivery. Many cable providers have been doing this for years as users can buy a basic package with minimal offerings and augment it with additional or premium channels. It is now possible to tune into your favorite shows essentially anywhere on any screen that is network capable. While some people do not mind waiting for their show to come out on DVD or the season to be made available on services like Netflix, others want to see them when they are initially broadcasted.

Now no one has to miss their favorite daytime programming or evening news. Revolutionary delivery options are making every screen a television. The great shows you love are now at your fingertips and there is no reason to miss a moment. If you follow a series with a programming schedule that is difficult to catch on your traditional television set, now it is possible to have the show go where you can watch it. Public transit, the office or virtually anywhere can become an entertainment environment. For more information about the options available for your devices consult your provider.


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